The Building Better Homes Campaign is a national campaign to ensure the  mandatory accessibility standards now included in the 2022 National Building Code, are implemented well in every state and territory to  meet the needs of all Australians.

Without fit-for-purpose housing, many Australians are unable to access a home that is appropriate to their needs across their lifespan. 

On the 30th of April 2021, a majority of Building Ministers agreed to the inclusion of mandatory minimum accessibility standards in the National Construction Code.

Western Australia and New South Wales are the only jurisdictions in Australia that have not committed to adopt the Livable Housing Design ‘Silver’ Standard mandated in the revised National Construction Code. Both the Disability Royal Commission and the NDIS Independent Review recommended they sign up as soon as possible.


There is a shortage of accessible housing

A lack of accessible housing is leaving many Australians unable to access housing that is appropriate to their needs.

This impacts:

  • Quality of life
  • Employment opportunities
  • Productivity

A 2020 survey of people with mobility impairment found that 73.6% of respondents were living in housing that does not meet their needs.

This leads to increased costs of modifications and the need for paid and unpaid care, and a reduction in their workforce participation.

and demand is growing…

Over the next 40 years, the number of Australians with a mobility limitation due to disability is estimated to increase from 3 million to around 5.75 million.

As our population ages, the demand for accessible housing will increase. Over 80% of older Australians aged over 55 want to live in their own home as they age.

But supply isn’t…

Only 5% of new home builds comply with the voluntary Livable Housing Guidelines, in place since 2010. We will be monitoring if this changes now mandatory Livable Housing standards are included in the 2022 National Construction Code.

Who we are

The Building Better Homes Campaign is a coalition of peak bodies and agencies working to secure mandatory accessibility standards within the National Building Code.

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