Western Australia

It's time for people with mobility limitations in WA to have the same rights as they do elsewhere.

Every Australian should have access to housing that supports them across their lifespan and adapts to changing needs.

The WA government is yet to commit to adopting the liveability and accessibility standards mandated in the revised National Construction Code. NSW and WA are the only states in Australia that are yet to adopt the new mandatory accessible housing standard. Both the Disability Royal Commission and the NDIS Independent Review recommended they sign up as soon as possible.

It’s time WA got on board.

Support making new homes liveable and accessible for all Australians. Sign the petition today to make your voice heard.

    TO: [email protected]

    SUBJECT: Implement the New Mandatory Minimum Accessibility Standards


    Dear Minister, I am writing to urge Western Australia to implement the new mandatory minimum accessibility standards in the 2022 National Construction Code (NCC). As you would know, on 30 April 2021 a majority of Building Ministers agreed to include the Livable Housing Design Guidelines Silver Standard in the new NCC. The position taken by the majority of Building Ministers at that meeting is a fantastic outcome for people with disability, seniors, families and indeed all Australians, and represents a significant step towards access and inclusion for all. It will change the lives of millions of Australians and future proof Australian housing for generations to come. Despite this, Western Australia has not agreed to implement the new standards. This would be a terrible outcome for people with disability, seniors and their friends and families in Western Australia. An inconsistent approach to regulating accessibility standards in different states and territories would cause havoc for industry, and see some Australian citizens left behind and facing continued exclusion every day. This would not be a good outcome for our country. Only a national consistent approach will ensure we have a National Construction Code for ALL Australians. I urge you to join other states and territories and support this important reform. Yours Sincerely,