Australian Capital Territory

Congratulations! Australian Capital Territory has already agreed to implement the new National Construction Code!

Australian Capital Territory will adopt the standards from 1 May 2023 with a transition period until 15 January 2024. That means that all new homes in ACT will need to be built to accessible standards from 15 January 2024.

What to do next

Why not email the Minister for Sustainable Building & Construction and let them know how happy you are about them supporting accessible housing for ALL Australians!

    TO: [email protected]

    SUBJECT: Thank You for Your Support


    Dear Minister, I am writing to thank you for championing the inclusion of mandatory minimum accessibility standards in the National Construction Code (NCC), and to congratulate you for the successful outcome at the Building Minister’s Meeting on 30 April 2021. The position taken by the majority of Building Ministers at that meeting to include the Livable Housing Design Guidelines Silver Standard in the NCC for the very first time represents a very important milestone in the quest for inclusion and access for all. This is a fantastic outcome for people with disability, seniors, families and indeed all Australians. It will change the lives of millions of Australians and future proof Australian housing for generations to come. Opportunities for major, structural reform such as this are rare, and hard won. Without your advocacy on this issue this outcome would not have been possible. I will continue to campaign to ensure that those states that did not support the inclusion of these standards commit to a timely implementation of the new NCC. Only a nationally consistent approach will ensure we have a National Construction Code for ALL Australians. Once again, thank you for your support. Yours Sincerely,