South Australia

Congratulations! South Australia has agreed to implement the new National Construction Code 2022 Livable Housing Design Standard

How is South Australia implementing and monitoring the Livable Housing Australia Standards?

National Construction Code (NCC) Accessible Housing requirements for residential dwellings will become mandatory in South Australia from 1 October 2024.

The South Australian Government has introduced transitional arrangements for the implementation of the Standard which will be reviewed after 18 months. These include blanket exemptions (except for cladding in bathroom and toilet walls) for:

  • Blocks with a street frontage of 10m or less; and 
  • Blocks under 300sqm not rectangular.

The Building Better Homes Campaign and a collective of South Australian organisations and allies (Purple Orange, SACOSS, Australian Institute of Architects, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation, Council of the Ageing SA, Uniting Communities and Novita) have expressed deep concern that the blanket exemptions will undermine the intentions of the NCC 2022. This is to ensure Australia’s housing stock is adaptable and better able to meet the needs of people with disability with access needs and our older population giving people greater choice of where they live and who they live with. 

We seek for these blanket exemptions to be removed after the 18 month transitional period.

The Building Better Campaign also supports JFA Purple Orange’s 2024/2025 State Budget Submission calling for the South Australian Government to support its implementation through a funded ‘best practice’ campaign to assist the housing industry through this important change.

The Building Better Homes and JFA Purple Orange is also seeking information about how exemptions will be monitored and reported in South Australia.

What to do next?

Email the Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Housing Infrastructure and Planning and let him know how happy you are that the government is supporting accessible housing and that you want them to support a strong implementation process without blanket exemptions.

    TO: [email protected]

    SUBJECT: Thank You for Your Support


    Dear Minister, I am writing to thank you for committing to the inclusion of mandatory minimum accessibility standards in the National Construction Code (NCC). This is a fantastic outcome for people with disability, older people, families, people with injury or health conditions and all Australians throughout various stages of their lives. It will change the lives of millions of Australians and future proof Australian housing for generations to come. I ask you to:
  • remove blanket exemptions to the National Construction Code in South Australia after 18 months of implementation
  • fund a ‘best practice’ campaign to assist the South Australian housing industry through this important change
  • develop a robust and transparent process for monitoring the implementation of the standards and any exemptions sought
  • Only a nationally consistent approach will ensure we have a National Construction Code for ALL Australians. Once again, thank you for your support. Yours Sincerely,