A woman with purple hair, sitting in a wheelchair, in front of her brick house.

Source: ABC The World Today – Alison Xiao

Disability support advocates have told ABC News that national accessibility design standards aimed at improving accessibility for people living with disability could also enable older people to live at home for longer.

New research released by the Summer Foundation found that the construction sector is optimistic about implementing accessible designs. “The features we’re talking about are not a big ask and we’ll just end up with better quality housing that is future-proof,” said the Summer Foundation’s CEO, Dr Di Winkler.

Peak representative bodies must provide more training for builders and architects, and the distribution of consistent resources and practical guidance for industry members.

“It’s things like case studies, and exemplars of accessible design, including drawings and templates, lists of compliant products and suppliers, and then workshops, professional development opportunities, and just how-to materials,” Dr Winkler said.